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Who are we?

We are a team of highly specialized and talented software craftsmen with vast experience building mobile, web and backend systems.

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services to help you build and scale your digital products. If you can dream it, we can build it.

App Development With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering mobile solutions that not only perform seamlessly but also stand the test of time.
Web Design & Development Halisi's design philosophy revolves around creating visually stunning and user-centric web experiences that captivate your audience.
Backend Development Whether you need to build a powerful API, integrate complex databases, or streamline data processing, Halisi has got you covered.
Project Management Halisi doesn't just build software; we expertly manage projects too. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on your vision.
We are always expanding our horizons, more to come soon!
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What's the process like?

Our transparent and collaborative process ensures that you are always in the loop and that your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Start here

This is the initial consultation where we begin by understanding your project goals, requirements, and vision. Our team then works closely with you to define the project scope, objectives, and features.

Planning & Strategy

We create a detailed project plan, including timelines, milestones, and resource allocation. The right team of developers, designers, and project managers is assembled to match your project's needs. We establish the necessary development environment, tools, and technologies.


Our developers start building the software, following industry best practices and coding standards. Rigorous testing is conducted at each development stage to ensure quality and functionality. We use agile methodologies to iterate and improve the product based on feedback.

Feedback Incorporation

We actively seek your feedback and make necessary adjustments to meet evolving requirements. Our team conducts thorough testing, including user acceptance testing, to address any issues.

Project Handover

Comprehensive documentation is provided, including user guides and technical manuals. If required, we offer training sessions to ensure your team can effectively use and maintain the software. We also assist in the deployment of the software and provide ongoing maintenance and support as needed.

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